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Anti; Simply means against or to oppose an action or practice. This write up points out some of the dangers or effects of shortcut to life relating to right values.
Shortcut; Shorting something or service in some areas, to get certain things done faster than it would have been.
Relating it to life, is there really any shortcut to life?
“If I can remember vividly when I was in class three, we had a session in school, then (it was called moral instruction classes), one of the instructors gave a piece of advice in phrase, that never left me in life and I have really passed it on to my kids and it has really been of great help, it goes like this:
‘Work hard, study hard, nothing comes so easy in this world for there are no shortcuts…’ ”
The God we serve is a detailed God, who follows due process no shortcut.
He planned on redeeming man from the mess our father Adam put the whole world in by selling us to the devil. He never used shortcut, the second Adam, our Lord Jesus Christ has to be born as a child.
And the Angel said unto them, Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a savior, which is Christ the Lord
[Luke 2: 10 – 11]
Jesus Christ didn’t come as a full grown man as the first Adam. He passed through the process of growth, from a child to adult hood. It took the almighty God 30 years to prepare our Lord Jesus Christ for a mission of 3 years, there was no shortcut at all.
Value defined; Individual cultures emphasizes on values that their members
broadly share. One can often identify the values of a society relating to
honor or respect. Looking at right values, the following can be discussed:

  • What is right or wrong?
  •  How to make better moral decisions.
  •  What character traits does God want to see in us, or to pass onto our children?
  •  Why do we make certain choices in our own lives?

Values can be said to have the following qualities which include; Respect, Kindness, Honesty, Courage, Perseverance, Self discipline, Compassion, Generosity etc.
These kind of values if found in our lives, Christians or not Christians and how
we are able to instill them in our children or the younger generation, will
definitely protect us and our children from potentially negative societal
influences, also lay the
foundation for them becoming good citizens.
We should also take note of what can be of strong influence over the young
ones, which may include;
· Peer pressure
· Entertainment industries
· Television
· Movies, Video games and Music, all these are having great effects on our children also shaping their perspective more than ever before. While we are supposed to guide them according to the scriptures.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it
[Proverbs 22: 6]

Suggestions / Solutions

  • Time – We all need to make out time to be with our children, talk and teach them, also our life style should be a model itself. This should be done on regular basis, in other to make them our friends than their peers
  • Model good values – Set a good example for your child, it needs a lot of sacrifices from you. We must “practice what we preach”.
  • Apologize – Apologize to your children when you make mistake, acknowledge it and say you are sorry.
  • Use every day experiences as a spring board for conversation.
  • Read the bible with your child – Explore and teach them the word of truth in the bible [Acts 5: 1 – 11].
  • Share your own personal experiences
  • Hold the children accountable for their own mistakes, if you rescue children every time they make a mistake, they would not take responsibility for their actions. Every child and adult should know that wrong choices result to unpleasant consequences. No easy way out, “for there are no shortcuts”.
  • Involve the child in encouraging and helping others, whenever they can
  •  Television viewing and internet use – These are needed to be monitored, it will help minimize exposure to wrong ideas.
  • Applaud good behavior – Sincere praise goes a long way in refining good behaviors. Finally, communication is the key – There must be real conversation between parents and children, depending on their ages
    Note: “There are no shortcuts in life”.

    – Amb. Pastor Anita .U. Ajagu