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By Akinwande Akingbehin

Why do I title did heal d world? I did because the future lies in the hands of the seed and now the seed is going through dehumanization and all that. So saving the seed is saving our world.
Let me explain,every body see’s d seeds in apples, not everyone see’s d apples in d seed, but U know wen U plant d seed u get an apple tree with so many apples which also have seeds, so U end up getting an apple forest…all from one seed…
Now who are these seeds we are talking about,the seeds are d kids,teens and youths, the most important part of our world. The root reason why they get abused and dehumanized is bcos d older generation doesn’t see d great potentials in many of dem due to some minor,myopic factors…
So, that means we are talking to the older generation. We are telling them to support these seeds optimistically. In hope of a brighter future(Rom8:19).
And I think we know that we can’t change their actions until we change their thought (sow a tot and reap an act…) and d best way to change their hearts is tru Information(in formation is what we here and see) and we can break it down to “In formation” that what it does…let’s note that “consistently domineering information enters a persons mind/mind and whatever enters a person’s mind has entered the person’s life” then the actions follow…so informing the older generation of the value and potential of the seed, over time will change their abusive and dehumanizing actions towards them.
So informing the older generation of the value of seed should be our major priority and its d first and best step to achieving d purpose of dis company and in getting the older generation’s cooperation. This way they would stop abusing d seed and start nurturing dem. Bcos dey realize its THE FUTURE…🙌

Akinwande-AkingbehinAkinwande Akingbehin